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Toronto’s premiere holistic medical cannabis delivery service prides itself in providing a great variety of top quality flower, concentrates, and edibles at competitive and compassionate prices. ALL patients are required to provide valid government-issued photo ID to ensure minors are not exposed to cannabis.

Is It Flowers You’re After?

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Which strand are you?

Whether it’s Sativa, Hybrid or Indica. We proudly source MMAR, ACMPR grown medical marijuana carefully from a selected group of artisan growers located throughout Canada, mostly situated on the west coast. Then bring it in for all of our Toronto Cannabis delivery clientele.

Learn about the strands

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Keeping it air tight.

Not only high quality cannabis, but individually tested for THC and CBD levels. Always sent in air sealed packaging. We like to keep the preservation of the trichomes and cannabinoids found in the plant.

Organic products when possible.

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