Lotus Toronto Gift Guide 2020

Lotus Toronto Gift Guide 2020

Don’t know what to get your loved ones this year? This 2020 guide has all you need to spark up the festivities this year!
With our wide range of products, we have a gift for the avid smoker,occasional stoner, and spiritual seeker in us all. Gifts delivered directly to your door the same day you order them (Same-Day valid within the GTA ONLY)

1. Sugar Sins Premium Chocolate (500mg THC)

In the Sugar Sins chocolate lab our team of cannabis chocolatiers handcrafts each and every bar blending the finest ethically sourced belgian chocolate with premium cannabis extracts. 45$

2. HighOnLove™ O Gel

HighOnLove™ O Gel is a fusion of all natural ingredients with premium grade hemp seed oil made to give a new meaning to love. $55

3. Schedule 35 Microdose Capsules

The 200mg capsule is meant for the seasoned creative looking to spark their imagination and lock in on some really cool work. $180

4. Jet Fuel Gelato

4. Jet Fuel Gelato. Its effects tend to be euphoric and uplifiting, leaving consumers both happy and still functional enough to get tasks completed. 290$ per ounce

5. Shivas Stone Geode Crystal Pipe

5.Natural Geode Crystal Pipe – 42$

4.Shivas Stone Natural Crystal Pipe

6. Natural Crystal Pipe – 42$

Still don’t know what to get your loved one? Visit shoplotus.ca/products for more options!

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