Natural Geode Deep Blue Quartz Crystal Pipe

Natural Geode Deep Blue Quartz Crystal Pipe

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Properties of Deep Blue Quartz – The Crystal of Peace:

This crystal is made by melting quartz in the presence of another compound
Brings order to all things
Stimulates the Vishuddha chakra, increasing creativity and expression
Formulation of the Crystal:

It should be known that as these crystals undergo natural geologic processes, their aesthetic properties vary due to their unique molecular compositions. Therefore, each pipe will have distinctive patterns in comparison to the gallery image. These Geode Crystal Pipes are hand crafted to perfection, providing you with an idiosyncratic treasure of your own.

Size and Dimensions:

Each of these unique pipes are handcrafted to fit the palm of your hand. More precisely, each pipe is measured at roughly 14 cm in length and 200g in weight.