Natural Geode Purple Amethyst Crystal Pipe

Natural Geode Purple Amethyst Crystal Pipe

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Properties of Purple Amethyst – The Crystal of Clarity

The word amethyst is derived from an ancient greek word “amethustus”, which is translated to “toxicity-purifier”
It has been praised in greek ancient history to protect the holder from drunkenness
Amethyst encourages sobriety and a clear state of mind
Assists with cases of insomnia and the curing of nightmares
Formulation of the Crystal:

It should be known that as these crystals undergo natural geologic processes, their aesthetic properties vary due to their unique molecular compositions. Therefore, each pipe will have distinctive patterns in comparison to the gallery image.

Size and Dimensions:

Each of these unique pipes are handcrafted to perfection. The cluster pipes come in variable sizes as the crystal geode remains in its most natural state, providing you with an idiosyncratic treasure of your own.